Faculty Members Receive Teaching Awards-2015

Congratulations to the following faculty members who were honored this year with teaching awards:

Dr. Mike Wiley was awarded the Dr. Mary Hollington Award for 2015.  The graduating class selected him as the "faculty member who has taught with distinction in the pre-clinical or basic science portion of the curriculum".

Drs. Dee Ballyk and David Chan received the W.T. Aikins Award for Excellence in Course/Program Development.   The Award is the most prestigious Faculty award for commitment to, and excellence in, undergraduate medical education.  Both instructors were praised for their teaching, organization and commitment and "their ability to take a good course and make it great". 

Dr. Mike Wiley was awarded the Harry Whittaker Memorial Teaching Award in the Faculty of Medicine in 2012.  The award is decided upon annually by the students of the first year medical class and awarded to a lecturer, demonstrator or tutor who gave encouragement and displayed genuine concern for student well-being and, through personal commitment to quality teaching, provided practical and clear insights in the basic sciences during the first year of the undergraduate medical program.

Dr. Ian Taylor was the recipient of the Dr. E. Mary Hollington Pre-Clinical Teaching Award. The Dr. Mary Hollington Excellence in Pre‐clinical Teaching
This award is presented to a teacher who has demonstrated excellence in the preclinical undergraduate medical education curriculum. The winner of this award is selected by the fourth year students.

Dr. Hong Sun received a grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation entitled "Cellular and molecular mechanisms of stroke in diabetes and its potential therapeutic treatments".  

Dr. Paulo Koeberle was awarded funding from two highly competitive national funding agencies for his work on neural regeneration and repair.  He received a 5 year CIHR grant entitled "Focal adhesion kinase:  a pivotal role in CNS apoptosis and regeneration"  and a 5 year NSERC grant " Molecular interactions that modulate P13 kinase and MAP kinase pathways during apoptosis".

Dr. Cindi Morshead has received the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in the Life Sciences 2015-2016 Award, as part of the Undergraduate Faculty Teaching Awards. This award recognizes sustained excellence in teaching, coordination and/or development of undergraduate lecture or seminar courses in Arts and Science offered by the Basic Science Departments in the Faculty of Medicine.

Department of Physical Therapy Team Award 2015-16
Anatomy Lab (Unit 8) Team
Anne Agur, Mary Chang, Miriam Granek, Carol Heck, Judi Laprade, Teresa Wesolowski