Stewart, P.

f_StewartPatricia Stewart, Professor Emeritus 

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Medical Sciences Building
University of Toronto

Dr. Stewart received her undergraduate and M.Sc. degrees in Zoology atthe University of Toronto and her Ph.D. in anatomy at McMasterUniversity. She taught Gross Anatomy at the University of Alberta for ayear before coming to Toronto.

Dr. Stewart retired from the Division of Anatomy in 2014.

Text Books:

Wilson-Pauwels, L., Akesson, E.J. and Stewart, P.A. “Cranial Nerves” B.C. Decker Co.Toronto. 174 pages 1988. American Medical Illustrator's Book Award in Allied Health Sciences, 1988.
  • Special Edition, For Sandoz Pharmaceuticals 1988/89
  • Spanish translation, 1992
  • Japanese Translation, 1994
Wilson-Pauwels, L. Stewart, P.A., Akesson, E.J and Spacey, S. “Cranial Nerves in Health and Disease". Second Edition. 2002.

Wilson-Pauwels, L., Stewart, P.A. and Akesson, E.J.. “Autonomic Nerves”. Functional Anatomy and Clinical Comments. B.C. Decker, Toronto and Philadelphia. 1997.

Interactive Teaching Programs:

Stewart, P.A., Agur, A., Liebgott, B., Wiley, M., Taylor, I. Mikulis, D. Functional Neuroanatomy, Interactive multi-media neuroanatomy. 2001 B.C. Decker Inc.

Interactive and Multimedia Teaching Programs:

Functional Neuroanatomy (2001)
Stewart, P.A., et al., B.C. Decker Inc.
Version 2, Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery (2003)

The Neurological Examination (2002) M.J. Hohol, P.A. Stewart and J.Jenkinson

Accommodation, 2003
J. Sharpe and P.A. Stewart
View (29.0 MB) need file

The Nose, (2003)
P.A. Stewart and C. Sheppard
View (4.3 MB) need file

Anatomia (2003)
H. Cohen, B. Liebgott, J. Jenkinson, P.A. Stewart, M.J. Wiley