Bentley, D

bentley 2DANIELLE BENTLEY, B.Sc, B.PHE, M.Sc, (R.Kin) Ph.D 
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Medical Sciences Building, Room MS1180
University of Toronto


Danielle Bentley is an Assistant Professor, teaching stream in theDivision of Anatomy within the Department of Surgery. She is currently involvedin the instruction Embryology, Anatomy Dissection, as well as anatomy forallied health professions including Kinesiology. She completed her master’sdegree at Queen’s University in anatomical education before coming to theUniversity of Toronto where her doctoral degree research shifted to theclinical sciences, specifically the use of exercise for cardiovascular diseaseprevention and treatment. Merging the two, Dr. Bentley emphasizes the clinicalapplicability of basic anatomy within her courses.

Current Research Interests:
 Anatomy education for theclinical health sciences, strategies for successful interprofessionaleducation, applied and active approaches to the instruction of musculoskeletalanatomy

Current Courses:

ANA301H Human Embryology

Human embryology from fertilization to the end of the fetal period.Current concepts in mammalian morphogenesis applied to the development of thevarious organ systems; etiologies and pathogenesis of some of the more commonhuman congenital abnormalities.

ANA400H1 Anatomy Dissection

A focused series of anatomical dissections will be made and the surgicalimplications of the findings will be the subject of seminars.  Attitudesto dissection of the human body, complications of surgery and other relevantissues will be discussed.

KPE Professional Placement Program

Prosection based student placement through the Faculty ofKinesiology and Physical Education.